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Acumenti is a boutique Australian company providing business and government with information technology consulting services.
Alan Chapman, Principal ConsultantAlan Chapman
Principal Consultant

The company was established to bring together highly experienced professionals who can cut through the noise and hype of the information and communication technology industry and deliver winning business outcomes. And through our relationships with other carefully selected consulting organisations, when we don't have the specialist expertise we bring in the right professionals to deliver the very best results.

As business professionals you shouldn't need to understand technology in detail to make good decisions. What you need is someone you can rely on to make the complexities understandable, to expose the critical decisions that need to be considered, and to provide sound criteria for making those decisions. Acumenti was established to make you successful through your investment in information technology.

At Acumenti we not only believe that success is possible, we believe that your success is inevitable when you have the right team of professionals behind you. Our primary motivation is your success in your business.

We understand the complexities of modern organisations and can help you to steer a path through complex corporate governance issues, drive your projects and programs, fine tune your technology teams, and deliver the best possible business outcomes in your environment.

We understand that there are always multiple competing objectives within organisations. We strive to expose these early in any engagement and provide mechanisms to balance these and deliver the optimal business outcomes with the least conflict.

Our team is not only backed with years of experience but also with frameworks, methods and information that allows rapid delivery.

Our passion is smoothing your path in delivering your business.