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We Can Help ...

Advisory Services

Acumenti provides expert consultants to understand your business, perform analysis and provide reports and advice. Our experience allows you to understand the key aspects of any decision or problem you are facing knowing that the details have been examined, issues, concerns and key decision criteria have been highlighted and the options made clear. We deliver pragmatic answers and out of the box thinking giving you the opportunity to innovate and advance your business when it makes economic sense to do so. It’s a way for you to have an expert on tap when you don’t have sufficient capability or capacity in house.

Delivery Services

Acumenti provides services to help you deliver technology-enabled changes in your organisation. Here we leverage our experience, knowledge and intellectual property to ensure your delivery is driven and focussed. Services typically include understanding your software systems and developing roadmaps and architecture for the future; guiding software development (in-house or outsourced); advancing your organisation’s technology infrastructure; and, strategies for the adoption of as-a-service and cloud-service paradigms.

Project / Program Management

Acumenti provides project and program management capability to give you confidence that your outcomes and products will be delivered. Whether it be a technology solution or a business change agenda, we can provide the expertise needed to maximise the delivery for the budget you have available.