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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Capability Establishment

EA Capability EstablishmentYou know that having an enterprise architecture capability will allow you to make better choices about how and where you apply technology in your organisation. You know it will provide a robust way to be sure the investments are aligned with your business strategy. You know it will give you a way to ensure that investments result in processes, practices and technologies that fit together and integrate well. Where do you start to get that capability for your organisation?

Acumenti's Enterprise Architecture Capability Establishment Service facilitates the establishment of an enterprise architecture capability within your organisation.

It includes defining:
  • the basic functions to be delivered
  • the enterprise architecture role in governance and investment
  • the roles and structure for the enterprise architecture team and providing assistance with selection of key individuals
  • the models and frameworks under which the enterprise architecture function will operate

Enterprise Architecture Framework Services

EA Framework ServicesEnterprise architecture is underpinned by frameworks and models. Many enterprise architecture teams waste a lot of time in their early years getting these frameworks and services in place. This can result in the value from the introduction of enterprise architecture never being realised and the enterprise architecture team floundering or worse, being disbanded.

Acumenti's Enterprise Architecture Framework Services drive the selection and application of enterprise architecture frameworks and models for you.

This can include:
  • delivery of custom frameworks
  • development of classification schemas
  • establishing tooling
  • provision of methods for applying frameworks, classification schemes and tools
  • training and mentoring for team members

Enterprise Architecture Governance

EA GovernanceThe real value from having an established enterprise architecture practice in your organisation comes when your enterprise architecture is used as the basis for corporate investment decision making, especially those where technology is a major component of the proposed investment.

Acumenti's Enterprise Architecture Governance Service establishes the integration of enterprise architecture practices as a foundational element of your organisation's governance processes. This includes the necessary stakeholder engagement across your organisation to promote corporate acceptance and adoption across all aspects of your business.